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Remote Sekhem Healing (30 Minutes)

  • 30 minutes
  • 66.66 Canadian dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

A 30 minute distance Sekhem session. Sekhem energy will be sent to you at the agreed upon time. If you are not available to receive the energy at the scheduled time, I will set the intention so that the energy is received at bedtime the same evening, and the energy will integrate then. Sekhem is a form of energy healing that originates from Egypt. The word "Sekhem" can be akin to Chi/Ki, or Prana. Sekhem addresses the subtle aspects of cause within our psyche and energy system. As a result, it releases deeply held thought-forms and karmic patterns in the etheric body that have created blockages in the flow of life force. The major focus of Sekhem is to align the energies of the heart with those of the head, to unite love and light with the higher divine aspects of will and power. If you have never received an energy healing treatment before, I encourage you to look into getting a Reiki treatment first (from myself or a different practitioner) before booking a Sekhem appointment. This is because the vibration of the energy differs slightly from that of Reiki, which is usually more gentle. A summary of the session will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the session, along with any messages that were received (if any). Experiences during energy healing sessions vary from person to person. Some common effects are: - The sensation of heat/cold -Tingles in certain areas of the body -Seeing colours (or visions) - Feeling pressure in a certain area/body part. To best prepare for an energy healing session, please be in a comfortable, resting position at the time of your appointment (unless you have indicated that you wish to receive the energy at bedtime). You can be in a meditative state, or be doing something comfortable such as watching Netflix. It would be helpful to have a glass of water to sip on as well to help with grounding during, and after the session.

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