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The Lunar Jungle Aquarian School of Energy: Reiki

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This has been in the works (and back burner) for quite some time now, and I’m very glad to present Reiki school. 

My intention with this course is to share Reiki in a manner that makes it accessible for all while combining the Usui traditional teachings with more subtle teachings + Aquarian ways: the same way I learned Reiki and incorporated it into my daily life + work. Reiki is a lifelong journey, supporting you on your journey of initiation to Self.

Students will be attuned to all 3 levels: an initial attunement to Level 1 and 2*, and when they decide they’re ready, a group attunement to Level 3**.  There is no set time between these two attunements - an individual may decide when they are ready to move forward with the level 3 attunement. This also leaves the option of choosing to continue a level 3 attunement with a separate practitioner as well.  

*If you are energetically sensitive, and would like to space the Level 1 and 2 attunements apart, I'm happy to accomodate this: please reach out to me before you make a booking.

**If you already are a Reiki Master or have been attuned to Level 2, you have the option of choosing to be attuned to Level 3 on your first attunement).

I’ve trained in various ways (three separate attunements over the course of 6 months vs a single attunement from level 1-3), and decided to go the way that I learned best. Attunements and lessons are conducted via distance, therefore, i will say that if one of your intentions is to register yourself with regulatory associations, please do your research first or consider a practitioner who offers classes in person. 

Lessons are offered every 2-3 days via video with live lessons/“office hours” (almost) weekly. Replays of the videos have been saved so you can catch up at your own pace. If you cannot make the timings, you will be able to submit your questions beforehand + have the questions addressed and watch the replay after. There will be 60 days (approx. 8 weeks) of formal training: this is the shortest amount of time you can take to complete this course. If you need more time, you can absolutely go at your own pace.

Course curriculum includes:

- History of Reiki

- Ethics

- Performing sessions on oneself

- Energetic channels: chakras, aura, etc

- How to perform Reiki on another being / how to perform a distance session

- Manifestation, working with other energies, past life integration, and more

-Akashic access with permissions for energy work within the Records (personal use only)

I hope for the teachings to be dynamic + adaptable to the times, and therefore, as I continue to learn on my own journey, I too will continuously add information + new findings to the course group. Content will be updated, changed, and added to, but the core content (all of what is mentioned in the outline) will remain the same. This is an evolving practice. All students have lifetime access to all updates, content, and community.

Students will have access to an Instagram community, lessons and a booking link to schedule their first attunement.

If this interests you, you may make a booking here :) 

*Please note that the course fee is all inclusive (attunements + course content), therefore, should a student decide to receive a Level 3 attunement with a different practitioner, no refunds (partial or in full) will be issued.

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