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The energy of 2020.

2020! The numerology of this year is 4, which, in tarot, corresponds to the Emperor, but also to the heart chakra. I feel like this will be a very heart opening year where many will learn to project from a combination of the heart + root chakras, i.e. feeling secure enough to embody their best expressions. In doing so we will achieve what our heart-mind seeks.


In the tarot, the Emperor is associated with Aries - power, leadership, heading towards your goals, progress. A very solid foundation for his throne - having the curiosity to explore the ideas he has, the means to transmute his ideas from the ether to the physical, and intuition to guide him.

In addition to the energy of the year, there is also the vibration of the personal year number. For me, 2020 is a 5 year in which opportunities for movement, progress and adventure will present themselves, allowing me to discern between the veils. In doing so I am able to align closer with what has already been imprinted on m heart mind. It might not come easy, and will probably come with lessons, but I'm excited to see what it brings.

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