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sending healing energy to the Australian bushfires and to world peace.

this download came in during my morning practice today. over the next few days I will refine the techniques and see if they can provide more insight and guidance for this short practice, but i am posting this now because i feel a sense of urgency in sending a healing to the Australian bushfires, as well as to world peace, given what has been happening in the news lately.

I am aware of the power of collective action + prayer, but I believe that individual work is just as good. as long as you have the specific intent to send the energy you're sending for the greatest good of the events you are sending it to.

below is what was channelled:

for practitioners of energy healing modalities, you will connect to "Australian bushfires" or "World peace". you will channel your energy there. 10-15 minutes is good. imagine sending healing white or green light towards your intended recipient. for the bushfires, you may also connect to the sacral element of water as you send it there. call upon it, ask her for assistance, she will come to you. disperse energy with your breath.
if you are not a practitioner of an energy healing modality you may use the mantra "Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung". you will hold your hands into a bowl shaped position, and hold the intention with your right hand, whilst using your left hand to bathe the recipient in healing white, blue, or green light.
remember to drink lots of water after to help ground you as sending energy to an effort of collective consciousness can leave you feeling ungrounded. we have faith in the human race.

here is a playlist for the Ra Ma Da Sa mantra (for some reason the embedded playlist is not showing up for all). it is a mantra / meditation in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. a meditation for world peace can be found here.

if you would like to participate in a collective effort:

- my friend Alex is hosting a tip jar reiki session to raise funds for the bushfires:

- my teacher Denisse is hosting a group meditation for world peace:

with love


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