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Lightbody Session: FAQ

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Earlier this summer on a Saturday afternoon, my friend brought me to the edge of the universe and my Lightbody was activated :) I've resisted putting out sessions for a while now because I didn't feel ready to tell you the truth, but anyway... here we go? Many thanks to my friends Sam and Mars who have been instrumental in helping me get to where I am today, and for giving me the space to help me trust my Self and my work - I am grateful. Below you'll find an FAQ channelled through my Records.

What is a Lightbody session? How does it work?

A Lightbody session focuses on the cellular, DNA related programming within your physical body as well as the other extension of your energetic body within the Akashic planes. It is a form of travelling as your Lightbody will essentially travel through a grid or a portal that opens up upon the time of setting intent and going in to trance state. You may call it "astral travelling" but it is way more than that, although the astral plane is an acceptable place to conduct a healing during a Lightbody session. Essentially it depends on the person and the level they are ready to integrate at. neither is better than the other, simply what is in the best interest that serves the highest good in that place at that time.

What is a Lightbody?

A Lightbody is essentially your vehicle to God. That which is the Creator, the One True Being. In fact, you can see it as an extension from Source. You come from Source, the Lightbody is essentially the vehicle that takes you there, even though it is already within you. It is the layer of your body that contains all the layers. Essentially your Light. The Lightbody stays dormant until an active activation occurs. Activation occurs during a permanent Lightbody activation session by choice, or through other means which shall not be discussed here as you (Sarah) do not have active knowledge yet, only to some extent. At present your (Sarah's) sessions focus on the temporary activation of the Lightbody, meaning that the Lightbody is activated for the short amount of time that it takes to integrate the session. Trippy right?

What happens in a Lightbody session?

Your practitioner utilises their Lightbody and travels towards you (the client). From there they either perform a scan of your Lightbody and clear out unwanted energies or they conduct an activation of certain senses, skills, recollections, memories for you. The cells are ignited, the energy goes where it needs to go, the Light basically works its way through you to best assist you with your healing intention in the greatest and highest good. After that, your Lightbody remains temporarily activated for the duration of the healing and the duration of time it takes for you to adjust to the healing.

During the time of the healing taking place you might feel drowsy, like you got hit with a blast of energy, tired, out of your body, a rush of energy, or other forms of adjustment to energy. This is normal. You might continue to feel the effects up to an hour or more after you receive the healing. Therefore we advise you to take the day slow, do not drive for an hour after the healing. You might not feel grounded which is why we ask you to exercise caution when doing things after like crossing the road, using heavy machinery, and the like. You can choose to stay in bed for the healing which is what we recommend, or you can choose to receive the session in sleep which is also what we recommend as it easily integrates then as well.

What is the difference between a Reiki and a Lightbody session? How does one decide which service benefits them the most?

Simply by choice. We will say that Reiki is more gentle because the flow of it is outward, from the external in to the physical, while the Lightbody activates from within and spreads on out. In that sense every vibratory essence of being is affected because your Lightbody contains it all. Reiki is the flow of Source energy in to you, Lightbody is the activation of Source within you to make the changes needed. Again, it is important to note that neither one is better nor worse, simply what you choose and the comparison to Reiki best forms the question because that is the easiest modality to compare it to as most people have a brief understanding of it.

How can we best prepare for a Lightbody session?

No caffeine, drugs or alcohol. Take it easy the day of as your body will be healing and working through these energetic shifts. Expect an integration period of at least two weeks, during which time we advise you to not get work done for any other healing modality unless you are certain you can handle it. Eat fresh fruit and veggies before if you can, nothing too heavy unless you want to be incredibly grounded, and eat again right after to help ease you in to your body if you feel that is right for you. Wear a cap or a beanie after the session (or even during), and drink lots of water throughout. Do not stand up during the healing if you can help it.

Lightbody sessions are available to book here.

Please do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs (including plant medicine if used recreationally) 24h before and after this session. If you use plant medicine to medicate, please let me know before our session.

If you choose to receive the session "live", please ensure you will not be driving or moving about during the session. Please do not drive for at least one hour after the session.

You must be 19+ and above to participate in this session.

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