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How Reiki found me (Part 1)

Reiki found me in the most serendipitous way possible. I am very serious when I say that Spirit gave me money for #thecause. I say this with my chest and I truly believe it.

Long story short: Back in a session with my therapist last year, she asked me what was stopping me from becoming a Reiki practitioner. I was talking about my career aspirations because I was feeling pretty uninspired at that point. Being the wonderful person she is (I mean, our second session she brought her oracle cards and let me do a card pull?? How amazing is that), I'd talked to her lots about spirituality and brought up Reiki a couple of times. I said, "$500 dollars to cover the training and attunement". To which she responded, "You're saying that if you got $500 right now, you would quit your job and go and learn Reiki?" "Yes", I replied. I wasn't really thinking hard about it and I never think about what comes out of my mouth to be honest but I was also certain that there was no way that was going to happen ....

The very next morning, on my way in to work, I saw that $500 was deposited into my bank account - something I hadn't expected, because I didn't know i was going to receive a tax return for that. HOLDDDD UP!!!! I didn't fully believe that Reiki was meant for me. But I knew that this was a sign. My human self didn't recognize it but my soul self did, (and, as I progress through my journey, I am learning that energy work isn't foreign to me, and to most of us. Most of us have knowledge of some form of healing modality stored in our subconscious from our past lives, and it really is, second nature to us.)

I was also scared shitless because I'd been going through the next phase of a spiritual awakening then and I was experiencing a lot of unusual things then and honestly, i was not prepared to experience more. Anyhow. Spirit was loud and Spirit was clear: I was to go and learn Reiki. And even though i didn't know how or why or what, I trusted the message and went and got my first attunement done. Since then, my journey with energy healing modalities has only allowed me to experience and explore the depths of my vessel even deeper, and I've also been privileged to be allowed to share these modalities/experiences with others. Every attunement, every course, every next step has always presented itself to me when the timing was right and accessible.

A Brief History of My Journey With Energy Healing, And Some Other Irrelevant Stories (this will not be the title of my memoir)

Energy healing feels like something I agreed to do this lifetime. As a kid I remember always trying to be a healer of some sort. I'd spend hours in the bathroom creating potions (much to my mother's frustration) out of aloe vera gel, baby powder, body lotion and whatever was on the shelf. When my brother fell off his bike and scraped his knee real bad I remember running upstairs to make a "healing band aid" for him (the ingredients would include anti-septic cream, aloe vera gel, and a lot of questionable things slathered on a cotton pad, but i'm glad my brother trusted me enough to slap it on the fresh, bleeding wound for a couple of seconds before the weight of said concoction caused it to slide off his arm). The point is, that since a young age I've always wanted to heal people, i just didn't know how. Of course, with time and conditioning and all that relative fun schtuff, young Sarah ended up forgetting about all of this, and instead she wanted to become the world's best diplomat / a screenwriter / have her own reality TV show so none of those healer dreams mattered and they got shoved back into my mindbox.

Fast forward to 2016 - I was studying abroad in my final year of uni, incredibly depressed and on the maximum dosage of antidepressants. I hadn't FELT a thing in years and was unable to continue writing my screenplays and yknow, pretty much Feeling Shitty All Around. I had also been dreaming of snakes every night for years. I was incredibly anxious about the future, and, remembering that my mum would always consult the family diviner whenever times were shit, I decided to do the same thing. I booked an appointment with my local tarot reader, went and saw her and somehow wound up agreeing to come back for another session the week after, but to do energy healing instead. That was my first ever energy healing session and I was unsure of what to expect. I remember having my eyes open the whole time, seeing colors, seeing her aura turn green, and pretty much feeling anxious because i wasn't able to move (nor did I know wtf was going on). I experienced an intense healing crisis that lasted about a week after that session - but that session was what propelled me to begin learning tarot, and somehow, declare on Reddit that I wanted to become an energy healer someday.

If this was a movie, this would be the bit with a montage where you see Sarah moving on with life, getting too busy and forgetting what she learned in the summer of 2016. i ended up back in square one, pretty much. I still had that tarot reader/healer at the back of my mind and finally one day i decided to go see her again. I left that session experiencing yet another healing crisis, but knowing it was different this time. i was more motivated to stick to my tarot practice, more motivated to make art, more motivated to learn about energy again. the more i delved into this, the more synchronicities i experienced. All these synchronicities led me to a meditation studio in my city, which offered reiki circles. I'd go to those often, and I knew how happy i was whenever i was in that space and receiving Reiki - the energy always wrapped around me like a warm hug and i'd always feel the electricity running down my spine.

Cut to the session with my therapist - about a month later I sat in a circle with my other classmates, finally attuned to Reiki Level 1! The 21 day cleanse that followed was tough, as the energy worked to clear out what was no longer necessary in my emotional, physical and mental bodies. I was more anxious, excreting a LOT (ha ha), and more worried about the future. But I was also finding solace in the daily reiki practice exercise. I decided I was ready for Level 2 and went back a month after. Things were fine and dandy... until I experienced a series of synchronicities again, this time, leading me to Sekhem/Seichim, two other forms of Reiki lineages that were transmitted from Egypt, with Sekhem associated to the goddess Sekhmet.

I looked all around but was unable to find someone in my area who could teach me. Around this time, I made the decision to visit my parents in Singapore, after not having been home the last 5 years. I was very hesitant about travelling back, but I talked myself in to doing it anyway. I found Ambika, my Sekhem/Seichim teacher, about two weeks before I was to arrive in Singapore. The timing worked out perfectly, more synchronicities happened, and I was attuned to this beautiful energy on the eve of the Lions Gate Portal: when the Sun is In Leo, when Sirius rises in the sky and Orion's belt aligns with the Pyramids.

Cats were my friends days after my attunement. These photos were taken in the span of an hour:

And so, my friends, this is part 1 of how Reiki found me. This sweet energy teaches me something every day. They're not always profound realisations, but they're always necessary. Stay tuned for part 2 :D

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