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Frequency playground: Light Language

Playing in frequency today: an exploration of energy through sound (mantra) and channelling movement.

(I will say first though that this is less of a light language healing, but more of a message. if anything it felt more like very active energy, just in case you are not able to handle more yang-type energy today)

How did this make you feel?

A while ago I learned that Andromedans communicate with hands - our light language involves a form of movement. We're also very frequency based (mostly light bodies) so we feel energy (and perceive the frequency of energy). And of course I wanted to try - how do we translate frequency into something more understood by our 3D selves?

This did not feel like a healing to me, rather, it felt like a recall of memories from Lemuria, as well as a call for fellow siblings to remember theirs as well. Tapping in to consciousness of fragments from the past through mantra.

The mantra used in this channelling was Sat Nam Wahe Guru (3x) by Hansu Jot + Za Rah Kumara.

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