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Energetic sovereignty: energy protection

Hello again! This is the second instalment of the "Energetic Sovereignty" comic strip as channeled through the Akashic Records. The Records and I have started a comic strip about subtleties in the everyday. For the first instalment of this comic strip, in which we learn about energetic boundaries, click here. Ready for today's channelling? Here we go!


Welcome to the next part of our series on Energetic Sovereignty. We have talked about boundaries. In it, you learned how to remove, and set up boundaries through energy in the physical. A boundary is something that still persists even if you "let your guard down" in the mindful observation of energy. Today we would enjoy it if we went in to the more subtle forms of energy. We will call this "energy protection".

"Energy protection" in this case refers to the manipulation of your energy within its space to guard you and protect you. The differences are subtle but the results are instantaneous.

We invite you to place your feet flat on the ground and take a few deep breaths in. Circulate the energy within you as this takes place. It should look something like the image you will see below in the comics. Draw the energy in and around you, taking it in an upwards motion if you can.

next, as you exhale, draw the energy out of you, picturing a downward spiral. Note how this makes you feel.

Now, with the same movement of energy (in and up, down and out), imagine an outer casing that contracts as you inhale, and expands as you exhale. This casing can look any way it can, some may see it as an oval to start with, others may see it as a square. And more. Whatever way that works best for you.

See this shield as a living, breathing extension of you. Your aura. Your lightbody. Note what you energetically see on the inhale, and what you energetically see as you exhale. "Seeing" in these terms refer to the observation of the subtle. Do not worry, or panic, if you do not actually "see" anything. You may feel it. Know it. All ways are valid. It is, after all, key in energetically discerning what speaks to you and in what way.

Now, tell the shield what you want it to do. This is up to you to program and fit in your intentions as needed, but for a start we reccomend:

Inhale, contracting: Energy moves to take what's sticking in you, out of you.

Exhale, expanding: Sending the energy away from you enforcing an even bigger shield to keep what's not necessary away from you.

Inhale, contracting: "Waking up" the energy within you.

Exhale, expanding: Sending energy that does not serve you away from you.

You might get dizzy, or feel lightheaded as you do this so we remind you to pace yourself with it. Take steps at a time, or go day by day. You can do one thing at a day at a time. It is up to you and what works best for your body. We do not have preference over which route you take. Either and all will yield the same results anyway. Drink some water to ground yourself after as well. Up to ten minutes a day (with mindful breaks in between) might be a good start or a finishing goal. A minute a day might work as well. We leave it to you.

This is what we will say for now. We will be back next week with more on how to energetically work with the two. Godpseed and Amen.


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