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Energetic Sovereignty: Discernment

Hey! This is the third instalment of the "Energetic Sovereignty" comic strip as channeled through the Akashic Records. The Records and I have started a comic strip about subtleties in the everyday. For the first instalment of this comic strip, in which we learn about energetic boundaries, click here. For the second one about energy protection, click here.


Welcome to your message on discernment. The practitioner has taken a much needed and well deserved break. We will continue with the next part in this series on Energetic Sovereignty.

Having learned to utilize your energetic body to identify foreign and unwanted energy in your space (auric and physical space), as well as use energetic boundaries to your advantage, the next step we offer is a lesson on discernment.

Discernment is not good or bad, it is merely what it is. A simple act of deciding what is meant for you and what isn't. It is what you use to identify what is working, and what isn’t, for you at any given moment. It’s not about what’s “correct”, or what’s “not correct”, as everything is valid on its own. Instead think of it as a matching of energies if you will. A matching of two or more energies that allow you to discern what is appropriate for you to take on, surround yourself in, or give your energy/attention to.

Discernment is unique to everybody. Meaning, what is “right” for one person, may not be for you. It is hard to be understanding of it when most of the media, and messaging, in general, preys on your energy and a lack-mindset to entice you in to choosing things simply because you are told to. Mindlessly. Thoughtlessly. But not for the sake of yourself. Discernment requires one to put thought in to what they are choosing to accept as true, correct, and appropriate at any given time. Once again, we say there is no judgement on what is 'correct' for you, only what is, and what will be, a matching energetically. If you make what you deem to be a mistake, try again.

And when it is no longer matching energetically you are always welcome to choose what rings true for you energetically. Discernment can always change. You can be functioning at a certain level of consciousness before moving on to the next. As we said: it is about what matches energetically, and that is meant to always change as you continue to evolve and grow within the human experience.

To use your discernment we offer two things.

The first one is really quite simple. Sit with new information that is presented to you. Does it ring true to you? Does it feel right to you? Is there any part of you that is holding back, not because it is scared, but because it doesn’t *want* to. Keyword is want. Want because your soul, energetically, will know what is needed for you and appropriate for you. Listen to that voice. The inner knowing, the intuition.

If you don't want to give your energy to that, simply move on. Divert your energy away and back to you. It is simple as that. No need to worry about what is not right for you at the given time.

We mention the part about fear because it is our belief that you should always do what feels terrifying for you. This does not mean to get in to harms way, again - use your discernment, but instead, to encourage you into thinking for you. Are you afraid about putting your art in to the world? Do you fear starting a business because you think it will not succeed? A part of you knows. What is meant for you will always feel scary to you, to a certain level of extent. It does not feel frighteningly shocking, but instead, almost like a ripple of underlying fear. Something you can breathe out into. Speak to it. Speak to the fear. Ask it why it shows up for you. Chances are, it is your own limiting beliefs about you that lead you to believe that you are not able to do it, that you will not succeed, that the inexplicable will happen. And if, by your standards, you do the thing and you “don’t succeed”, then you will have at least learned something, although we say that is considered a win any way.

The second version of this contains a slightly more energetic approach. And that is to simply read the energy of what is being presented to you. It will, in a way, work like the first method because you get so used to identifying the energy and reading it that it comes as second nature to you. Feel the energy: how does it feel to you? Is there a texture, a feeling in your heart space, that calls to you? Go with that, for that is what rings true.

A reminder again that what works for another might not work for you. Therefore, your expectations of certain subjects, may not always be similar to what another might go through. For example, one might say they had a supercharged experience in the Akashic while another might come to you and say that all they had was an experience of calm. You do not take iron in place of Vitamin C. Likewise, all this boils down to what is right for you at the given moment. An applicable example that we wanted to throw in to indicate the varying levels of energetic “matches” a person can feel. Supercharged does not mean better than calm. Calm does not mean superior than supercharged. Iron is just as necessary as vitamin C. Merely what an individual needs in their next steps. Just like how discernment is about taking on what you need. What is right for you. And if it isn't, you'll find out soon enough.

Methods you can use for identifying energy for method two above include:

  • Identifying the texture of the energy

  • Smells and colours. With smells: does it smell synthetic, natural, of a certain memory? Some guidelines to get you started. Wth colours, we urge you to think about what that color reminds you of and what you associate it with.

  • Sounds. Sometimes energy speaks in a clear manner. Use that to your advantage and communicate with it to determine what it is saying to you.

  • There is an area in your arc line (the space away from your chest) where energy comes through to you - clairsentient people might get this the most. Send your awareness to that area when reading the energy. What does it feel like to you?

We hope these methods serve you in what you need most. Discernment is applicable for most of you and we encourage you to use it in determining what is best for you. This concludes the end of this week’s channelling. We look forward to seeing you soon. Amen.


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