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Energetic Sovereignty: A series

Hello! The Records and I have started a comic detailing the subtleties of the everyday :). Our first (and previous) comic was about spirit guides, which you may view here. These next few comic strips will be centered on Energetic Sovereignty. Please find the accompanying channeling for today's comic below:


Hello again earthlings. Today we are back with a comic again on energetic sovereignty. This part of the series will focus on calling in your energy and claiming it as is: Remember, no one can take what is rightfully yours away from you, they can only misdirect it, redirect it, or siphon from it. What is yours is meant to be yours and it is your God given right that you remain sovereign in fully embracing the depths of your energy wholly and fully.

We will set up the first part of the series with a comic strip on energetic boundaries, which plays a role in the protection of your energy. Please note that this requires only your participation as a human being, and it no way means that you have to be a practitioner of the healing arts/realm if you choose to participate. As we said: energy sovereignty is your right and you have means to protect it, set boundaries as needed, and bend it to your will.

Energetic boundaries refers to a practice of protecting your energy in a manner where you are filtering what has access to you. Keyword here is "what". This "what" can come in many shapes or forms. Examples include social media, SMS text, the news, and many more. Note that it doesn't mean to discard them completely, but to use discernment in who or what has access to you.

Practical ways in which you may maintain your boundaries in your energetic/auric space include:

- The rearranging of information / the clearing out of information on your phone. Your phone is one of the many ways in which energy is siphoned off you without even knowing it. This isn't leaning in to "far right propaganda" as you call it, but rather, a way of encouraging you to look at what directs your attention from focusing on the present now.

-The next method we will speak of is physically cleaning your energetic space. This includes your body (auric) as well as your room or your home. When you are intentional about the objects you place within your physical space, you also communicate with the energy around it. This isn't about what makes a home look god in the "modern home living" sense, but again, it is about the mindfulness of what you choose to let in your space. Would a magazine past a certain date be welcome in your space if you have grown or gone through a period of learning since then? That we will leave to you to decide. Could you invoke the qualities of a certain color or the qualities of specific elements by intentionally placing them in areas of your space? You can certainly try. Likewise, be aware that you can shift the energy of your space by taking them away. We have talked about the physical space surrounding you but now we will talk about the space that is with you most of the time: Your auric space.Waft your fingers or hands through your energetic field a few times until you feel your energetic field is rid of all that no longer serves you.

Vocalize intention if you need. "I cleanse my auric field of what no longer serves me, and send the energy to be transmuted for the highest good." Nothing ever said out loud will go unanswered and the intent of your vocality is important. You can then call back any energy to you the same method, asking for all energy that is yours be returned to you. Similarly, you can vocalize your intention in your physical space, calling in energy as needed, and removing energy as needed.

This is all we have for you. We look forward to continuing this series with you.


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