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Akashic Records Session FAQ

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Thank you for your interest in an Akashic Records session, I am honoured at the possibility of connecting with you for this intimate and profound experience. Below is a FAQ channelled from my Records to give you a better idea of what a session will look like. Please read through this carefully before you make a booking and ensure that you are aware of the aspects of an Akashic Records session.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are time and space combined. They are a collection of a soul's journey through space and time, and beyond. A cosmic database, if you will. The Akashic Records contain each fragment of a soul's understanding in its place in the lifetime it is in. An Akashic Records session is an exploration of your soul’s journey and the relevant information that pertains to it this lifetime.

What happens in an Akashic Records session?

You are led in to the Akasha. Your practitioner will facilitate the conversation between you and your Keeper*. The questions are presented to the Akasha via the Keeper, through your practitioner. Answers are recorded down by the askee. The practitioner will have no recollection of what was channelled after. That way, strict confidentiality is ensured. We will do our best to explain and provide answers in ways that you will understand. The delivery method is up to the practitioner's choice but it must always be live.

*A Keeper: An Akashic Records Keeper is a low-level conduit of Akashic energy designed to keep your Records safe. Information is filtered through the Lords of the Records to your Keeper.

How will an Akashic Records session be conducted?

You will sit in a comfortable sitting position. The askee will be guided through a meditation, and all the necessary energy work will be conducted prior to the channelling, or the opening of the Records. Sessions run for an hour in length. Questions will be answered to the aksee's satisfaction, or until the duration of the session has reached its maximum. A maximum of three questions is allowed. Questions should be in order of importance.

Sarah's note: The duration and number of questions that will be answered during the session will be determined by your Records. Please note that an Akashic Records session is a conversation (or interaction) between you and your Records; I play no role in interpreting messages and information is relayed to you exactly as is channelled. A session is always going to be as long or as short as it needs to be. The Akashic Records are always energy first, information second, with the information being an extra way to understand what the energy is for, and what it is doing. The Records always know the right amount of energy and information to dispense.

How does healing occur through the Akashic Records?

An energetic shift occurs when the Records of a person is accessed. Some may notice this on a subtle level. Others may notice more prominent shifts in energy or lifestyle changes. For some, one session is enough and all they will ever need to know. For others, they will be guided to learn to work in the Records when the time is right.

*Sarah's note: During this session, pre-requisite energetic work will be conducted to help shift your vibration/consciousness from that of the present to one of a higher level. This is to help prepare you for the Akashic energy.

What are the best kinds of questions to ask in a session?

The best kinds of questions are the 'what', 'why', and 'how' kinds of questions as they will produce the best results. It does not mean to say that you cannot ask questions outside of these frames, however, these are the optimal and recommended ones. Please note that a session is unlike the tarot. The methods of channelling differ from the tarot or that of an intuitive guidance session. The Akashic Records are concerned with the Truth and will deliver it as such.

You will need:

- A notebook + pen

- A chair and a quiet area where you will not be disturbed during the duration of the session

- A glass of water

- Come prepared with 3 questions

Please ensure that you will not be driving or operating heavy machinery at least an hour after your session.

No recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours before, and 24 hours after a session (this includes plant medicine if used recreationally). If you use plant medicine to medicate, please let me know before the session. Continue to take prescription medications.

For grounding purposes, please try not to conduct, or receive energy work one hour prior, and one hour after the session.

You must be 19+ in order to participate in this session.

As of 3rd May, 2020, you may book an Akashic Records session here.

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