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Akashic channeling: Soul family

Soul Family has been a huge theme of late for me, and I'm starting to piece together bits of history. This was something I decided that I wanted to channel and share today, but of course all credit goes to the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. I hope this serves you in some way or another!

What is a soul family?

A soul family is a group of travelers who traverse the universe in different lifetimes, coming together as one at certain points in their lives. When these soul travelers meet, they come into an energetic agreement that is formed within lifetimes to co-create a greater reality than their own.

How big can soul families be? They can be as big or small as they need to be.

Can you have more than one soul family?

Yes. There are main soul families you can fall into, for example, the one you have with Capucine with whom you have an agreement with to come forth this lifetime to learn and share from each other. Then there are main soul families that show you this lifetime who you need to be. This can be seen as a teacher for example, or it can be anyone with whom you have a connection with that challenges you to face yourself. Soul families do not imply a closeness or a bond with each other. Sometimes soul families decide that they no longer wish to continue their journey in this lifetime and depart from the soul agreement. It is possible. A soul family is meant to achieve what they had set out to accomplish this lifetime and the rest before. It may take several lifetimes to see progress being made on a large front but we assure you that no progress is considered too little in the grand scheme of things.

How can we find our soul family?

They will come to you when the time is right. It does not require any searching on the outside. When you remain at a vibratory resonance the right soul family will come to you. And like we said, as you progress, some family members will choose not to be with you for the next bit of your journey. Like your friend Joanne* for example. She was there to let you achieve some deep digging into who you were then. She then made the decision to leave, as you did the same.

Soul family is not to be implied as people who will uplift you constantly. They are meant to be beings who create with you. Around them, you will not wear a mask. You will not feel as insecure as you need to be.

Joanne brought up some insecurities in me and yet she was my soul family?

Yes. She had shown you the sides of you that needed to be chipped away at to be the real you. What we mean is that soul families will not leave you in a worse condition than before. They may cause a shift in your emotional, spiritual, and surrounding awareness that leaves you questioning the current conditions you are in. It is then your choice as to whether or not you choose to move into a path that is better in alignment with you. The real you. This is why we say that the karmic, twinflame dynamic that many of your people believe in can only do more harm than good.

I get it. So a soul family member can propel me to being better, because in the spirit of oneness all souls are equal and love. However when we as beings have not tapped into / choose not to tap into that oneness, it is hard to see the lessons that a member might bring. Did i get that right?

Yes and no. Yes because seeing all souls as equal is the main source of being in alignment with your soul's highest purpose. No because not all souls are meant to take you there specifically, though they serve that purpose for the collective. We encourage discernment between what is 'right' for you in the sense of relationships. If a bond does not take you where you need to be, release it. Do not hold on to what will keep you from becoming the agreed upon version of yourself.

We seek to remind everyone though that in spite of being in different soul families, all beings come together as One.

*Name has been changed.

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