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Akashic Bodywork Session: FAQ

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I'm happy to offer Akashic Bodywork sessions, developed by the Akashic Records (and myself) :) I am really grateful for the way my training syllabus was made: I got to support a local business + community with values i respect, and meet family along the way. So shoutout to the Records because they really did that. Here is an FAQ channelled from my own Records.

What is An Akashic Bodywork session? How does it work?

An Akashic Bodywork session comprises of a mixture of breathwork, energy healing, and somatic therapy in the form of movement. A session can last up to 45 minutes, and is dependent on each client. Energy clearings, movement in the form of light stretching, and controlled breathing are to be expected. Sometimes movement can get vigorous, but you are to go at your own pace. It is not so much how well you do the poses that gets you the full benefit of the session, as we will be working on your energetic throughout. The movement facilitates the clearing in a more efficient way. We might also throw in a little meditation if needed. A mix in the bag. A session can utilize all of these modalities, or one or two of them depending on the circumstances.

The practitioner takes you in to the energy healing section of the Library, if you will, and henceforth the work begins. The session is conducted through the Akashic Records and you will be greeted by us as such. We ask for your query, provide some insight to it, or none at all, and then the work begins. We will decide as and when the session is over and when to close the Records. We offer parting words, homework, or guidance if needed.

What are the best kinds of queries to bring up during an Akashic Bodywork session?

Any kind of query is sufficient, but the best kind of query involves one that requires energetic clearing. You may ask, for example "How can I best integrate the lessons of a past life into my current circumstances" and we will pave the way for energetic clearings, activations or transmutations to take place. It is all done through the body so there is a subtle level of awareness that is required. You might, for example ask "how do I remember Seichim" and we will tell you as such. We may not necessarily attune you to it but there is a certain level of activation that can be done.If you have absolute memory of it then we will give you what you remember. Every session is different, and the outcomes of every session will vary. We calculate the best possible scenario/outcome that is based around your current circumstances. The work is done through all energetic bodies you possess but it is in this lifetime you feel it the most.

Other questions/queries can include the activations of specific glands, work on specific chakras, energetic relations to scenarios - the options are endless. You decide based on what is best for you in your current situation.

What is the difference between an Akashic Bodywork session and an Akashic Records session?

While both are energy based, an Akashic Bodywork session serves to assist in clearing, reprogramming, and activating specific energies. In particular, the energy that is within your energy field within the present. An Akashic Records session focuses more on details, specifics, the "how", "what", "why", "when". Both are equally valuable, they merely do different things. In an Akashic Bodywork session, energy is always actively manipulated in a certain way. In an Akashic Records session energy is always given in the form of a healing.

Why do we do specific movement or breath in an Akashic Bodywork session?

Easy. The breath is connected to the energetic body in ways more than one. It helps transmute energies, reprogram energies, and other things. As is the movement. Movement facilitates shifting of the energies in the physical body which then leads to work performed on the layers of the other bodies, the subtle realm. Again, it is not about how fast you can get your heart rate up, how fast you breathe - none of that. It is about your active participation in this session that assists in the transmutations of these energies in your reality.

How can one best prepare for an Akashic Bodywork session?

Go in with an open mind. There are many layers to the etheric body that you may not be aware of then that connects to your physical body. Inform your practitioner of any injuries, pregnancies or comfort issues beforehand so that they can best get ready for it. Stay hydrated. No caffeine the day of if possible.

You will need:

- A notebook + pen

- A chair and a quiet area where you will not be disturbed during the duration of the session

- An exercise mat (or any set up you similar to what you would do pilates/yoga on)

- A glass of water

- Come prepared with a query or concern you would like to work on

(Optional: a headwrap/cap/beanie)

Please ensure that you will not be driving or operating heavy machinery at least an hour after your session.

No recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours before, and 24 hours after a session (this includes plant medicine if used recreationally). If you use plant medicine to medicate, please let me know before the session.

For grounding purposes, please try not to conduct, or receive energy work one hour prior, and one hour after the session.

You must be 19+ in order to participate in this session.

If you're ready to make a booking, you can do so here :)

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