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Session aftercare: 
Drink lots of water after sessions - water helps keep you grounded and helps with the detoxification process / energy integration that occurs after sessions. Avoid caffeine after an energetic healing session. Eating can also help with grounding - listen to your body/intuition in deciding what to have after a session! I have come out of sessions where sometimes what I needed was a light salad, and I have had times where chocolate was what helped me ground. 

If you still feel "spacey", wrapping your head or wearing a cap/beanie can help with energy containment. Naps are also an easy way to integrate the energies :) 

Emotional healing can also be an outcome of energy healing sessions: witness what comes up compassionately, perhaps journal, and take it easy on yourself. I personally like watching Netflix (The Office tbh) to integrate energies post-session. 

At times, energy work can trigger a healing crisis. This occurs when deeply rooted energies are released mentally/emotionally, and toxins are released physically. Although a healing crisis is rare, this does sometimes occur. Symptoms we might experience during a healing crisis include headaches or pain, mental irritability, frequent urination and bowel movements, or sweating. This is a normal part of the healing process, and symptoms typically last from a few hours to a few days. Should you experience a healing crisis, allow yourself to experience it with acceptance and presence: this is how your body has chosen to receive the energy and integrate it. During this time, be gentle on yourself, and practice grounding techniques (e.g. grounding meditations, eating root vegetables, taking a bath, drinking water, walking barefoot on the beach... etc). 


You are more than welcome to contact me after your session with an update on how you are doing, be it days or months after the session. I would love to hear from you! 

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